Fundamentals of Chemistry Chapter Test according to PMDC syllabus 2024 by MDCAT GEEK

This test includes MCQ's from uhs, NUMS, ETEA and SZABMU past papers.

The "Introduction to Fundamentals of Chemistry Chapter Test" by MDCAT GEEK is designed according to the PMDC syllabus for the year 2024. The quiz covers various subtopics related to fundamental concepts in chemistry. The syllabus includes the following subtopics:

Syllabus Subtopics:

  • Atomic Mass
  • Empirical Formula
  • Molecular Formula
  • Concept of Mole
  • Construction of Mole Ratios as Conversion Factors in Stoichiometry Calculations
  • Avogadro’s Number
  • Important Assumptions of Stoichiometric Calculations
  • Stoichiometry
  • Limiting Reactant
  • Percentage Yield

Learning Objectives:

  1. Construct mole ratios from balanced equations for use as conversion factors in stoichiometric problems.
  2. Perform stoichiometric calculations with balanced equations using moles, representative particles, masses, and volumes of gases (at STP).
  3. Explain the limiting reagent in a reaction.
  4. Calculate the maximum number of product(s) produced and the amount of any unreacted excess reagent.
  5. Given information from which any two of the following may be determined, calculate the third: theoretical yield, actual yield, and percentage yield.
  6. When given the balanced equation, the amounts of reactants, and the actual yield, calculate the theoretical yield and the percent yield.

The "Introduction to Fundamentals of Chemistry Chapter Test" is a comprehensive assessment designed by MDCAT GEEK in alignment with the PMDC syllabus for 2024. This quiz delves into essential subtopics within chemistry, covering a wide range of fundamental concepts. It aims to assess students' proficiency in constructing mole ratios, performing stoichiometric calculations, identifying limiting reactants and determining the efficiency of reactions through percentage yield calculations.

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Students will explore concepts such as atomic mass, empirical and molecular formulas, the concept of mole, construction of mole ratios, Avogadro’s number, assumptions of stoichiometric calculations, stoichiometry, and limiting reactants. The learning objectives emphasize practical skills, ensuring a strong foundation in fundamental chemistry principles.

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