If Someone Blocked Me, Will They Still Get My Texts? | 2023

Discover whether your text messages reach someone who has blocked you. Learn about the implications and options available in this comprehensive guide.
In today's interconnected world, communication plays a pivotal role in our daily lives. Text messaging has become an integral part of our communication toolkit. But what happens when you send a text message to someone who has blocked you? Are your messages lost in the digital abyss, or do they manage to reach their intended recipient? In this article, we will delve deep into the intriguing topic of "If someone blocked me, will they still get my texts?" We will provide insights, answers, and solutions to this common dilemma. 

If Someone Blocked Me, Will They Still Get My Texts?

The core question at the heart of our discussion deserves a detailed exploration. Let's break it down: 

Understanding Text Message Blocking

To comprehend the dynamics of blocked messages, we must first grasp how text message blocking works. When someone blocks your number, it essentially means that your messages and calls are prevented from reaching their device. However, the specific behavior can vary depending on the mobile operating system and settings.

What Happens on iOS Devices?

On Apple's iOS, when you send a text message to someone who has blocked you, the message is successfully sent from your end. However, it silently fails to deliver on the recipient's device. They won't receive any notification of your message, and it won't show up in their message thread.
Android Devices and Blocking

Android devices, on the other hand, might exhibit slightly different behavior. In some cases, your text messages may appear as "Delivered" on your end, giving you a false sense of success. However, similar to iOS, the recipient won't receive the message.

Text Message Alternatives

If you suspect that someone has blocked you and your messages aren't going through, don't despair. There are alternative methods of communication:

1. Use a Different Platform

Consider reaching out to the person through other communication platforms, such as social media or email, if you have access to their profiles.

2. Seek Mediation

If the issue behind the blocking is a misunderstanding or dispute, consider involving a mutual friend or mediator to facilitate communication.

3. Respect Boundaries

Sometimes, being blocked is a clear signal that the other person needs space or wishes to sever ties. In such cases, it's essential to respect their decision.


In the digital age, navigating the complexities of blocked text messages is a common experience. Understanding the implications and alternatives can help you navigate such situations with grace and empathy. While your text messages may not reach someone who has blocked you, maintaining respectful communication is essential. Remember, effective communication goes beyond the digital realm, and resolving conflicts and misunderstandings can lead to healthier relationships.


Can I Tell If I've Been Blocked?

While there is no direct way to know if you've been blocked, some common signs include your messages consistently going unanswered, calls going straight to voicemail, and no profile picture updates on messaging apps.

Can You Unblock Yourself?

No, it's not possible to unblock yourself from someone else's device. The choice to block or unblock someone rests solely with the recipient.

Do Blocked Messages Ever Get Delivered?

In rare instances, messages may be delivered if the person unblocks you in the future. However, there are no guarantees.

Can I Still See Their Messages?

If you've been blocked, you won't see any messages or updates from the person who blocked you.

What If It's an Emergency?

In case of emergencies or urgent matters, reach out through alternative means or contact relevant authorities if necessary.

Should I Apologize If I've Been Blocked?

If you believe your actions warranted being blocked, it's a considerate gesture to apologize sincerely. However, respect their decision if they choose not to engage.

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