How to write Subscripts and Superscripts in Canva on Windows 10


If you're encountering difficulties while attempting to include subscripts
and superscripts within your Canva designs on Windows 10 in 2023, no need to
fret! Canva stands out as a remarkable graphic design platform, simplifying
the creation of visually captivating content. The platform offers a
user-friendly interface and an extensive array of templates, images, fonts,
and graphics to streamline the design process for diverse materials such as
social media posts, presentations, posters, invitations, and more. Featuring
customizable elements and drag-and-drop functionality, Canva empowers you to
unleash your creativity and produce exceptional designs bound to captivate
your target audience.

How to write subscripts and superscripts in Canva on Windows 10 2023

Adding Subscripts and Superscripts in Canva on Windows 10

Despite the numerous advantages of Canva, it's essential to acknowledge
some limitations, such as the absence of a seamless option to add subscripts
and superscripts as you would in Word or Excel. However, there's no need for
concern, as this article provides a comprehensive tutorial for employing
subscripts and superscripts in Canva on Windows through a simple Windows
feature called Touch Keyboard. The Touch Keyboard is a virtual keyboard
feature designed to facilitate input for touch-enabled devices like tablets,
2-in-1 laptops, and touch-enabled PCs. Serving as an alternative to physical
keyboards, the Touch Keyboard enables users to type using their fingers or a
stylus directly on the screen.

Accessing the Touch Keyboard on Windows 10

To access the Touch Keyboard on Windows 10, follow these steps:

1. Open the Taskbar Icon: 

Locate the keyboard icon on your taskbar, often depicted as a small
keyboard symbol. If you're using a touch-enabled device or tablet mode, the
touch keyboard icon might already be visible.

2. Tap the Keyboard Icon: 

Simply tap or click on the keyboard icon within the taskbar to open the
touch keyboard on your screen.

3. Keyboard Settings (Optional): 

Customize the behavior of the touch keyboard by right-clicking (or
long-pressing) the keyboard icon and selecting "Keyboard settings." This
allows you to adjust settings like keyboard layout and text

Alternatively, if the touch keyboard icon isn't visible, you can enable it
through Windows settings:

1. Open Windows Settings: 

Click on the "Start" button (Windows icon) in the bottom-left corner of
your screen, then click on the "Settings" gear icon.

2. Navigate to Devices: 

Within the Settings window, select the "Devices" option.

3. Choose Typing: 

In the left sidebar, click on "Typing."

4. Enable the Touch Keyboard: 

Scroll down to the "Touch Keyboard" section and toggle the switch for
"Automatically show the touch keyboard in windowed apps when there's no
keyboard attached to your device" to the "On" position.

Using the Touch Keyboard to Write Subscripts and Superscripts on Windows

To write subscripts and superscripts in Canva:

1. Access the Touch Keyboard: 

Open the touch keyboard as described above.

2. Go to the Number Section: 

Navigate to the number section of the touch keyboard.

3. Select Symbols: 

Click on the 'Ω' sign located in the lower-left corner of the

4. Choose Subscripts and Superscripts:

 Click on the '∞' sign at the bottom of the keyboard to access
subscripts and superscripts.

5. Write Subscripts and Superscripts: 

Utilize the provided numbers to create subscripts and superscripts.

Additional Features of the Touch Keyboard

The touch keyboard offers more than just subscripts and superscripts. It
allows you to write various symbols and mathematical equations that may not
be available on a standard keyboard. Moreover, it offers multiple layouts to
manage screen space efficiently while typing. You can use it to type emojis too.


In summary, although Canva lacks an integrated feature for subscripts and
superscripts, you can seamlessly employ the Touch Keyboard on Windows 10 to
incorporate these elements into your Canva designs. The Touch Keyboard
provides a multitude of features and layouts that can elevate your
experience with touch-enabled devices. By following this tutorial, you can
fully unlock Canva's potential and craft extraordinary designs.

FAQs about writing Subscripts and Superscripts in Canva

Q: Does Canva include a built-in feature for subscripts and superscripts?

A: No, Canva does not offer an integrated feature for subscripts and superscripts.

Q: How can I integrate subscripts and superscripts into my Canva designs?

A: To include subscripts and superscripts in Canva, simply use the Touch Keyboard feature on Windows 10.

Q: What other functionalities does the Touch Keyboard offer?

A: Beyond subscripts and superscripts, the Touch Keyboard boasts various layouts and symbols, enhancing your experience with touch-enabled devices.

Q: Will utilizing the Touch Keyboard enhance my design process in Canva?

A: Indeed, employing the Touch Keyboard on Windows 10 can maximize your Canva experience, enabling you to create designs that astonish your audience.

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