How to Tag Someone on Instagram Reels After Posting? - A Comprehensive Guide

Instagram Reels has revolutionized the way we share short, creative videos. Tagging someone in your Reels is a fantastic way to increase engagement and connect with friends, followers, or collaborators. But what if you've already posted the video? Don't worry – in this comprehensive guide, we'll walk you through tagging someone on Instagram Reels even after the video has been shared. Let's dive in!

How to Tag Someone on Instagram Reels After Posting?

Tagging someone on Instagram Reels after posting is a straightforward process. Here's how you can do it:

  1. Open Your Reel: Start by opening the Instagram app and navigating to your profile.

  2. Find the Reel: Locate the Reel you want to tag someone from your profile's Reels tab.

  3. Edit Reel: Tap on the three dots (...) at the bottom of your Reel and select "Edit."

  4. Add Tags: While in edit mode, you can tap on the video where you want to add the tag. Then, type "@" followed by the username of the person you want to tag.

  5. Select the User: As you type, Instagram will provide suggestions. Select the user you intend to tag from the dropdown list.

  6. Save Changes: After tagging the user, make sure to save your changes by tapping "Done."

  7. Update Reel: Your Reel will now show the tagged user's username on the video. Tap "Done" again to update the Reel with the tag.

Tips for Effective Tagging

Tagging someone on Instagram Reels can enhance your video's reach and engagement. Here are some tips to make the most of this feature:

  • Tag Relevant Users: Tag users who are relevant to your video content. This could include collaborators, featured individuals, or those who might find the content interesting.

  • Avoid Over-Tagging: While tagging is beneficial, avoid over-tagging as it might come across as spammy and reduce the video's credibility.

  • Interact with Tagged Users: Once you've tagged someone, engage with their content and encourage them to interact with yours. This reciprocity can boost both of your profiles.

  • Use Hashtags Wisely: Combining tags and relevant hashtags can broaden your video's visibility. Use popular and niche hashtags that resonate with your content.

  • Experiment with Location Tags: If your video is location-specific, consider using location tags in conjunction with user tags to reach a wider audience.


Tagging someone on Instagram Reels after posting is a fantastic way to enhance engagement, foster connections, and make your videos more interactive. By following the simple steps outlined in this guide, you can seamlessly tag users in your Reels even after they've been shared. Remember to keep your tagging relevant and meaningful, and watch your content reach new heights of engagement.

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