Enhancing Your Canva Android Experience: Adding Symbols, Equations, Subscripts, and Superscripts


 Canva Android is a powerful graphic design platform that has
revolutionized the way users create captivating visuals effortlessly. With its
versatile range of templates, fonts, graphics, and more, users can craft
stunning posts, presentations, infographics, and pamphlets. However, despite
its many features, some tasks like adding subscripts, superscripts, symbols,
and equations have proven a bit challenging. Thankfully, there's a simple
solution to address this limitation and unlock even more creativity.

Adding Symbols and Equations in Canva Android: The dX Math Keyboard Solution

While Canva Android offers an array of design tools, it may fall short when it
comes to typing symbols and equations. But fear not, there's an easy way to
overcome this hurdle. Enter the dX Math Keyboard, available on the Google Play
Store. Here's how you can seamlessly integrate it into your Canva experience:

Install dX Math Keyboard:

  1. Open the Google Play Store on your Android device.

  2. Search for "dX Math Keyboard."

  3. Download and install the free version of the keyboard.

Set as Default Keyboard:

  1. Once installed, navigate to your device's Settings.

  2. Go to "System" or "General Management," then "Language & Input."

  3. Choose "Virtual Keyboard" or a similar option.

  4. Select "Manage Keyboards" and enable dX Math Keyboard.

Using dX Math Keyboard in Canva:

  1. Open the Canva Android app and start a new project or edit an existing

  2. Whenever you need to type symbols, equations, subscripts, or superscripts,
    simply tap on the text field to bring up the keyboard.

Accessing Symbols and Equations:

  1. In the dX Math Keyboard, tap on the arrow button at the top of the

  2. A menu with various symbols and equation options will appear.

Adding Subscripts and Superscripts:

  1. Within the symbols menu, you'll find options for subscripts and

  2. Select the appropriate subscript or superscript style and type your text.


Canva Android's versatility in graphic design is undeniable, but the
addition of symbols, equations, subscripts, and superscripts has sometimes
posed a challenge. By incorporating the dX Math Keyboard, you can seamlessly
enhance your Canva experience and tap into a new realm of creative
possibilities. Now, your designs can encompass not only visual elements but
also complex mathematical and scientific expressions. Incorporating the dX
Math Keyboard into your Canva Android workflow can bridge the gap between
design and mathematical expression, enabling you to create visually stunning
and intellectually engaging content with ease.


Is the DX Math Keyboard compatible with other apps?

Yes, the DX Math Keyboard can be used in various apps that require text input, making it a versatile tool beyond Canva.

Are there any other alternatives to add symbols and equations in Canva Android?

While the DX Math Keyboard is a popular choice, other third-party keyboard apps designed for math and symbols can also be explored.

Is the free version of the DX Math Keyboard sufficient for adding symbols and equations?

Yes, the free version of DX Math Keyboard provides ample functionality for adding symbols, equations, subscripts, and superscripts in the Canva Android app.

Can I customize the appearance of symbols and equations with the DX Math Keyboard?

While the customization options may vary, DX Math Keyboard generally offers a wide range of symbols and equation styles to suit various design needs.

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