How to Change Emoji Reactions in Instagram DMs?


Instagram Direct Messages, commonly known as DMs, provide a convenient
way to communicate privately with other users on the platform. One feature
that makes DMs engaging and expressive is the ability to use emoji
reactions. Emoji reactions allow you to quickly respond to messages with a
single tap, adding a touch of fun and emotion to your conversations. This
article will explore how to change emoji reactions in Instagram DMs and
make your messaging experience even more personalized and enjoyable.

How to Change Emoji Reactions in Instagram DMs

How to Change Emoji Reactions in Instagram DMs?

To change emoji reactions in Instagram DMs, follow these simple

1. Open the Instagram app:


Launch the Instagram app on your mobile device and log in to your

2. Navigate to your DMs:


Tap the paper airplane icon at the home screen's top right corner to
access your direct messages.

3. Select a conversation: 

Choose the conservation in which you want to change the emoji

4. Find a message to react to: 

Scroll through the conversation and locate a message you want to respond
to with a different emoji.

5. Long-press the existing emoji: 

Tap and hold the emoji reaction that is currently assigned to the
message. This will bring up a menu of available emojis.

6. Choose a new emoji: 

Select the new emoji from the menu of available emojis you want to assign
as a reaction to the message. Instagram offers many emojis, including
smileys, animals, objects, etc.

7. Confirm the change:


Once you've selected the new emoji, release your finger from the screen
to confirm the change. The message will now display the updated emoji

8. Repeat the process: 

If you want to change emoji reactions for other messages in the
conversation, repeat steps 4 to 7.

Changing emoji reactions in Instagram DMs is a quick and easy way to add
a personal touch to your conversations. It allows you to express your
emotions more accurately and makes interacting with your friends, family,
or colleagues more engaging.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How many emoji reactions can I have in a single Instagram DM?

You can have multiple emoji reactions in a single Instagram DM. Each message can have a different emoji reaction, allowing you to express various emotions throughout the conversation.

2. Can I customize the set of available emoji reactions?

Unfortunately, Instagram does not currently offer the ability to customize the available emoji reactions. However, the platform provides a wide range of emojis, ensuring you can find an emoji that suits your intended response.

3. Can I see who reacted to my messages with emoji reactions?

Yes, you can see who reacted to your messages with emoji reactions. Instagram displays the usernames of the users who responded to your messages beneath the message itself, allowing you to know who expressed a particular emotion

4. Can I remove or change my emoji reaction?

Yes, you can remove or change your emoji reaction. To remove your response, tap and hold the existing emoji and select the "Remove Reaction" option. If you want to change your reaction to a different emoji, follow the steps mentioned earlier in this article.

5. Do emoji reactions notify the other person in the conversation?

Yes, when you react to a message with an emoji, the other person in the conversation will receive a notification indicating that you have reacted to their message. The specific emoji you used as a reaction will be visible to them.

6. Can I react with custom emoji or GIFs?

Currently, Instagram only allows users to react with pre-defined emojis. Custom emoji or GIF reactions are not supported within the platform's messaging feature at the moment.

Emoji reactions in Instagram DMs provide a fun and expressive way to engage with your friends, family, and colleagues. Changing emoji reactions is a simple process that allows you to customize your messaging experience and better convey your emotions. Following the steps outlined in this article, you can easily change emoji reactions in your Instagram DMs and make your conversations more personalized and enjoyable.

Remember, emoji reactions are just one of the many features Instagram offers to enhance your messaging experience. So, have fun exploring how you can express yourself and connect with others on this popular social media platform.

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